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About  Nova

She is an inbetweener – born into the age of Chinese Reform and brought up in a mixture of beliefs, she carries herself as an unabashed cultural chameleon (most of the time). Yet, she constantly feels displaced and misplaced, she finds herself caught up in a surge of desire for her root. Her underlying identity crisis challenges her and enables her to look at things through a different lens. Her work explores themes such as language, objects, geography and family memories. She strives to reflect the uncertainty of identity in the new age world, and to make visible the gap between joy and sorrow in the blind spot of our society.

She constantly lives in diaspora, and she sits in between an artist, a curator, a writer and a filmmaker. She is not confined to a single artistic expression or practice. She strives to find the most suitable way to communicate and start dialogues.


她称自己为“在中间的一代” — 生在蓄势待发的中国,长在信仰丛生的西方社会, 大多数时候她泰然自若地穿梭于中西文化之中。然而她时刻感受着游移和错位,她 对“归属”有着强烈的渴望。潜在的身份危机给了她一个不同的视角,她的作品探索语言、物体、地理和家庭记忆等主题。它们往往反映了新时代世界中身份的不 确定性,她试图反应其在社会盲区里的喜与悲之间的落差感。

长居于“离散”状态里,她是一位在艺术家、策展人、作家和电影人身份之间转换的创作者。 她并不局限于某一种艺术介质,她努力寻找最恰当的艺术来传达想法和发起对话。

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Solo Exhibition

"in-between 之间
AD Space, Sydney

Group Exhibition

 "9 x 5 Exhibition"

Walker Street Gallery

Group Exhibition

Head On Photo Festival

Cement Fondu 

Leo's Award 

Best Short Film Nomination

"Computer Creed"


Leo's Award 

Best Production Design in Short Film Nomination

"The Lost Patriot"


Leo's Award 

Best Short Film Nomination

"The Lost Patriot"





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University of New South Wales 

MFA Curating and Cultural Leadership


University of British Columbia

BFA Film Productions

BFA Economics





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