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An Interpretive Painting Guide for a “Self Portrait of A Great Curator”

开放性绘画指南 -- 如何画一幅 “一位伟大策展人的自画像”

This project is inspired by my painting practice, my curatorial practice and the ways of street artists, I believe a curator should bring art to the world instead of bringing the world to art. In order to make art more accessible, I feel the need to demystify, democratise and decentralize the idea of a curator. 


I created this step by step guide of interpretive painting with the values of a curator integrated into each step. My intention is by following the steps, anyone can create a visual representation of a curator using their own interpretations. As a result, the idea of a curator would take shape organically in a highly individualized fashion.


As Maria Lind writes “the curatorial is a viral presence that strives to create friction and push new ideas, whether from curators or artists, educators or editors”, this painting guide blurs the lines between curation and creation, and it welcomes customization and experimentation to prompt a dialogue in curatorial exploration.






正如玛丽亚·林德 (Maria Lind) 所写,“策展无处不在,它努力制造摩擦并推动新想法,无论是来自策展人、艺术家、教育者还是编辑作家”,这部绘画指南特别强调模糊策展与创作之间的界限,它欢迎个性化和实验性,意引发策展探索中的对话。

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